Members, guests and visitors are requested to observe the Club’s Dress Code at all times

In the Clubhouse:

  • Smart casual clothing including smart denims
  • Golf clothing including tailored shorts
  • Golf Shoes are not permitted in the bar/dining areas of the clubhouse
*Tennis attire including tennis shoes are only permitted in the Sports Bar & Terrace area.

Not permitted in the Clubhouse:

  • Sleeveless shirts and T-shirts
  • Football or rugby jerseys
  • Football or beach shorts
  • Combat shorts
  • Cut, torn or ragged denims
  • Hoodies or gym leggings

On the Golf Course:

Players must wear appropriate golf attire, golf shoes with soft or steel spikes are permitted.

On the Tennis Courts:

Players must wear appropriate tennis attire including tennis shoes at all times

Dress Code for Grasscourts: -
Players must wear predominately white tennis wear. Coloured tracksuits, coloured sweat shirts and similar garments may not be worn on the grass courts