Rules Governing Use of Buggies

Members are advised that the rules governing the use of buggies are as follows:

Buggies are for use only by those who are in possession of a medical certificate, or by those who receive specific permission from the General Manager, advised to and recorded by the Sports Administrator.

• Only persons who have reached the age of 18 years can be authorised to use buggies

• Buggies must not be driven within penalty area boundary lines or within 10 yards of any water hazard, bunker or green.

• Buggies are not to be operated on the apron (approach) to any green complex and must never be driven onto a green.

• The driving, manoeuvring or parking of buggies across or on mounds surrounding greens and bunkers is not permitted.

• Buggies must not be driven between bunkers and adjacent greens.

• Buggies should not be driven through any casual water or mud.

• Buggies should not be driven so close to a teeing ground that may cause damage or excess wear and tear to the surrounds of the teeing ground or the teeing ground itself.

• Buggy users who violate these rules may have their permission to use a buggy withdrawn.