Paddy O’Beirne Trophy – A History

Have you wandered into the Caddymaster’s area in Elm Park on the middle Sunday in September to be greeted with multiple coloured balloons and up to a 100 juniors from various clubs all excited and ready to do battle for their club? Well if you have you have seen one of the best days in the junior golf calendar in Elm Park – The finals of the Paddy O’Beirne Trophy.

This competition dates back to the time when Paddy O’Beirne was junior convenor in 2002.

Paddy O’Beirne dedicated considerable time to the development of the juniors in Elm Park. During this time he felt that golf, unlike others sports, did not provide opportunities to higher handicap juniors to “pull on the jumper for your club”. The GUI did run competitions such as the Fred Daly but this was very much aimed at the lower handicap junior golfers.

In 2008 having spoken with his counterparts in Miltown, Grange and Castle they all agreed to run some friendly matches. Shortly after a trophy was provided by Elm Park and the “Elm Park Trophy” was inaugurated.  

The Elm Park trophy was aimed at giving young golfers an opportunity to play competitive golf as part of a team. Separate competitions were established for the boys and girls. Historically the competition was aimed at juniors with higher handicaps and this continues to be the aim.

In 2011 in recognition of the work Paddy O’Beirne undertook with the juniors in Elm Park it was decided to rename the Trophy, The Paddy O’Beirne Trophy.

The Paddy O’Beirne trophy has now grown to 14 participating clubs, 12 of whom compete in the boys and girls trophies.

The competition is run throughout the summer months with 5 clubs (on a rotational basis) hosting an event each year and Elm Park holding the finals in mid September. The boys team consists of 4 competitors with the 3 best scores counting on the day.  The girls team consists of 3 competitors with the best 2 scores counting on the day.  

Following in the spirit of Paddy O’Beirne’s legacy:
  • Clubs are encouraged to send players even if they cannot field a full team, it is better to get one out rather than none.
  • Clubs can win a maximum of one event or the overall trophy.
“The Paddy O’Beirne Trophy” is awarded to the Club with the highest cumulative points collated throughout the summer. Clubs are awarded points, based on the ranking of their counting competitors, in each individual event.

Paddy’s wife Mary helps out on finals day each year and presents the overall trophies to the winner of the boys and girls competition.

By the end of the competition in September 2021 over 1000 kids have played in it since its inception – a fantastic legacy left by Paddy.
The list of past winners are:
  Boys Girls
2021 Stackstown GC Edmonstown GC
2020 Not run due to Covid
2019 Edmondstown GC Elm Park GC
2018 Edmondstown GC Elm Park GC
2017 Edmondstown GC Dun Laoghaire GC
2016 Edmondstown GC Elm Park GC
2015 Dun Laoghaire GC Newlands GC
2014 Edmondstown GC Newlands GC
2013 Foxrock GC Newlands GC
2012 Dun Laoghaire GC Milltown GC
2011 Castle GC  Milltown GC
2010 Stackstown GC Elm Park GC
2009 Milltown GC Milltown GC
2008 Woodbrook GC Dun Laoghaire GC
2007 Woodbrook GC Milltown GC
2006 Edmondstown GC Elm Park GC
2005   Elm Park GC
2004   Elm Park GC
2003 Elm Park GC  
2002 Castle GC