Booking Information
  • Time sheets will open at 6.30pm on Monday 30th May for Ladies Competitions and 6.30pm on Tuesday 31st May for all.
  • Junior/Students are also eligible to play in the Mixed Foursomes on Friday as guests of members
  • GUI or ILGU handicaps are required (society handicaps are not acceptable le)
  • Entry fee is €12.50 per member and €15 per guest.
  • Entry is by the BRS system only.
  • Members MUST ensure their Competition Purses have sufficient funds to cover ALL entries BEFORE attempting to book. If funds are insufficient BRS will not allow completion of bookings.
  • Minimum guest requirements are set out in the competition on the Club Week schedule 
  • 4-ball scrambles will take place Sunday to Thursday (except Tuesday) and are open to all categories of members. Entry fee €5 per person (Students, Junior/Student s and Juveniles €3)

Club Week Commences 26th June

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