2022 Golf Membership Applications are OPEN

2022 Golf Applications are now OPEN 

The closing date for receipt of completed application forms is 5th December 2021.
  • The applicant is responsible to ensure that all details are completed correctly and in full at time of submission. 
  • Only FULL application submissions will be accepted ie. Completed applications with relevant letters of support. 
  • A confirmation email will then be sent to the applicant to confirm receipt of full application
Application Forms:
  • 7 Day Golf Membership Applications Forms HERE
  • 5 Day Golf Membership for NON Members or FIRST time 5 Day Golf application Forms HERE
  • 5 Day Golf Membership for current members with a previous 5 Day Golf application Forms HERE
  • Overseas & Country Golf Membership Forms HERE
  • Under 32 Golf Membership Application Forms HERE
  • Student (age 18-25yrs) Golf Membership Application Forms HERE 
  • Junior (age 16 -17yrs) Golf Membeship Application Forms HERE
  • Juvenile (age 11 to 15 yrs) Golf Membership Application Forms HERE
Application queries email membership@elmpark.ie or phone 01 269 3438 (option 6)

FULLY Completed Applications must be sumbitted by 5th December by:
  1. Post
  2. Delivery to Clubhouse (Letter box at front door)
  3. Email membership@elmpark.ie 
Sponsors are:  Eligible Members who are Full Members (Tennis & Golf) and who have a minimum 5 years membership in this category.

Eligible Members may sponsor candidates for golf election as follows:

• Juvenile/Junior Golf Categories up to age 18, two candidates.

• Student Golf from age 19 and Under 32 Golf, two candidates.

• All Adult Golf membership categories, two candidates.