Golf Membership Applications

2023 Golf Membership Is CLOSED

2024 Golf Membership Applications are expected to be open on the first Friday in November for 30 days.  

Applications will be available on line only and must be completed and submitted together with a letter of support from each sponsor.

Only fully completed applications will be considered.


Eligible sponsors are Members as defined in Article 2 (b) (1) of the Constitution, Ordinary Members with 5 or more years membership in either Full 7 Day Golf, 5 Day Golf, Golf Associate, Full Tennis or All Sports Members with a minimum of 5 years membership in these categories.

Eligible members are entitled to support  2 candidates for election to the following categories:
  • 7 Day, 5 Day and Overseas Golf
  • Under 40 Golf
  • Under 32 & Student Golf
  • Junior & Juvenile Golf
No further information is available at this time.