26th Elm Park Members
Art & Photography OnLine Exhibition 2021 

25th March to 7th April 2021

The last great social event in Elm Park was the Art and Photography exhibition on the 28th February 2020.  Little did we know then that within weeks we would not be allowed to enter the clubhouse due to the wide-spread Covid-19 lockdown.  This year we were unable to mount our annual exhibition, so we had to resort to modern technology to present our exhibition online.  

To encourage the artists to participate the Club kindly offered to sponsor dinner for two and a bottle of wine for each category.

The total entry: 49 paintings and 7 Photographs.

Trying to select a winner for one of those prizes proved to be a daunting exercise, especially since we could only view them online which made it much more difficult.  There were so many really, excellent paintings that deserved to win, sadly there can be only one painting selected.  After long deliberation, a decision was made as follows:

Winner of The best painting:
The winner has contributed her paintings to our Annual Art Exhibition over many years and her paintings are always in great demand.

Lady with the Gold Earring – Orna Cummins

The number of photographs entered was disappointing.  The winner with a fantastic photograph is a well-known member in the club and again has been a regular contributor of his art and photographs over many years.

Winner of the best photograph

Generating - March 2021.   Photographer Garry Saul.

The Committee wish to thank all those who participated and congratulate each and every entry.

The Exhibition will be available to view up to 28th April.

Arrangements for the Artist to sell the original paintings/photographs displayed in this exhibition are to be made directly between the Artist and purchaser and with no involvement with the Club or organisers.    

Exhibition Programme with full list of artists is available below or by following this link HERE
Elm Park Art & Photography Exhibition 2021
Artists Painting Title Price €
Oonagh O’Reilly Lone Mushroom  80
Oonagh O’Reilly Friendly Cow  150
Oonagh O’Reilly Misty Horse 125
Oonagh O’Reilly Family of Mushrooms  80
Anne Duff Griffin River Run 375
Augusta McCabe Flowers 120
Augusta McCabe Forest in Spring  120
Augusta McCabe Homestead 1 120
Augusta McCabe Homestead 2 120
Auveen Byrne Allium 2020 250
Auveen Byrne Briain 250
Auveen Byrne First Selfie at the First N.F.S.
Auveen Byrne Harveys Point - Miniature 50
Auveen Byrne Jacqueline from Portugal 170
Auveen Byrne Near Malin - Miniature 50
Auveen Byrne Piggery Jokery  N.F.S.
Auveen Byrne Red Apples - Miniature 50
Donald Griffin At the Dog Show 700
Donald Griffin Im watching you 500
Donald Griffin Show jumping at the RDS 700
Donald Griffin Spring Roses 500
Helen O'Connor Rocky Shore 70
Helen O'Connor Stormy Evening 50
Helen O'Connor Summer in an Irish Town N.F.S.
Helen O'Connor Trees in Orange 30
Margaret Redford Flowers 150
Margaret Redford Flowers in Vase 160
Margaret Redford Still Life 120
Margaret Redford Children on Beach 120
Mary Hegarty Autumn 110
Mary Hegarty Evening in the City 110
Mary Hegarty Rossdua N.F.S.
Mary Hegarty Towards The City N.F.S.
Orna Cummis Black Hair 250
Orna Cummis Labrador 300
Orna Cummis Lady with gold earring 400
Orna Cummis Lady with green hat 400
Patricia O'Loan A Spring Day 150
Patricia O'Loan A Summer Garden 100
Patricia O'Loan Awaiting his Master 75
Patricia O'Loan Sea Cat 140
Prue Anderson Winter in Connemara 300
Prue Anderson Autumn Wicklow 260
Prue Anderson Pink Roses 300
Prue Anderson Young Beagle 200
Terence Sweeny Belfield Lake 120
Terence Sweeny Church of St Therese from Deerpark 120
Terence Sweeny Helibore 120
Terence Sweeny Poppy on green background 120
Photographers Photograph Title Price €
Garry Saul Dublin Bay Boundry - March 2021 N.F.S.
Garry Saul Generating - March 2021 N.F.S.
Garry Saul Red Flag - March 2021 N.F.S.
Garry Saul Small Birds Big Impressions - March 2021 N.F.S.
Terence Sweeny Blossom in Belfield N.F.S.
Terence Sweeny Deerpark Mount Merrion N.F.S.
Terence Sweeny Old Grandeur  N.F.S.
    N.F.S. = Not For Sale